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Register Company for GCC Nationals

Empowering GCC Business Expansion in Saudi Arabia

As part of the GCC alliance, businesses from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia benefit from equal treatment and incentives. Massar facilitates swift setting up of a GCC company in Saudi Arabia, fostering growth and development opportunities for GCC national companies within the country’s supportive business landscape.

Advantages of Setting up a business as a GCC national

Massar opens doors to exclusive investment prospects and seamless cross-border business expansion for GCC nationals in Saudi Arabia. With preferential treatment akin to Saudi citizens, we streamline the business setup process, ensuring hassle-free business initiation and unrestricted operations across all sectors. Enjoy exemptions from MISA licensing, reduced Zakat tax rates, and flexibility in business structures for unparalleled business growth in KSA.

Streamlined Setup

GCC nationals enjoy a hassle-free business initiation process in Saudi Arabia, ensuring swift company formation with minimal delays.

Sector Freedom

Businesses operated by GCC nationals have unrestricted access to operate across all sectors within the Kingdom.

Licensing Exemption

GCC nationals are exempt from obtaining the MISA license, facilitating smoother entry into the Saudi market.

Capital Flexibility

Trading activities by GCC nationals require no mandatory minimum capital, enhancing financial agility.

Tax Benefits

Enjoy a reduced 2.5% Zakat tax rate and complete exemption from the 20% income tax imposed on other foreign investors.

Structural Options

Flexibility in business structures, including Sole Establishment, General Partnership, LLC, ensuring tailored setups to meet diverse needs.

Types of Companies GCC National can
Register in Saudi Arabia.

Explore the array of company structures available for GCC nationals seeking to register businesses in Saudi Arabia

Limited Liability

Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides separate legal existence with limited liability and flexible operational and taxation benefits, ideal for adaptable business ownership.

  • Ownership with limited
    liability costs.
  • Operation and taxation are

Branch of a GCC

A branch office can only be established through an established GCC company in a foreign country.

  • Conducts business in a firmly established locality.
  • Financial and legal leads provided by the parent company.


Regional Headquarters serve as centralized hubs for managing operations within designated regions, enhancing the efficiency of multinational corporations.

  • Supervises Operations Within Designated Areas.
  • Boosts the Efficiency of

General Partnership

General Partnership Companies offer a pathway for skilled professionals and foreign investors to obtain long-term beneficial residency, attracting investments and foreign talent

  • Duty-Free Benefits & Liberal Regulations.
  • Promotes Exports & Employment Opportunities.

Special Economic

Implemented to improve the state of affairs and stimulate foreign investment and economic expansion.

  • Duty-Free Benefits & Liberal Regulations.
  • Promotes Exports & Employment Opportunities.

Joint Stock

A legal structure known as a joint stock company facilitates the collaboration of a group of shareholders in the establishment and management of a joint venture company.

  • Simple Licencing To Admit Rapid Setup.
  • Facilitates And Encourages The Formation Of SME’S.
  • Payroll Management Outsourcing

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up
a GCC Company in Saudi Arabia

*Streamline Your GCC Company Setup in Saudi Arabia with Massar’s Step-by-Step Guide*

Unlock a hassle-free pathway to establishing your GCC company in Saudi Arabia with Massar’s expert guidance. Follow these six simple steps:

1. Document Review & Trade Name Reservation

Let us handle document attestation and reserve a compliant trade name on your behalf.

2. Commercial Registration

As a GCC national, skip the MISA investment license and swiftly register your business with the Ministry of Commerce.

3. Articles of Association

Trust Massar to draft and attest your company’s Articles of Association (AoA) for legal compliance.

4. Virtual Office & National Address Registration

Secure an internationally recognized national address and select a suitable virtual office package with our support.

5. HRSD Registration

Ensure seamless hiring processes by registering with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through Massar.

6. GOSI Registration

Efficiently manage salary processing and Saudization quota records by registering with the General Organization of Social Insurance with Massar’s assistance.

What is the cost of establishing a GCC business in
Saudi Arabia?

In less than one minute, you can estimate the cost of setting upĀ  your
business using our interactive cost calculator.

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