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Project Management Services

Project Management Services in Saudi Arabia

At Massar, we understand that successful project outcomes hinge on effective project management. With our years of industry experience, project management is ingrained in our approach. Whether it’s a building-related project or infrastructure endeavor, our seasoned team collaborates closely with you to fulfill your unique needs and objectives.

Expert Solutions for Project Success

Project management entails optimized integration and allocation of resources to meet predefined objectives. Our approach involves meticulous planning, scoping, control, and implementation to ensure seamless project execution. We offer innovative solutions tailored to your project requirements, assembling the right resources at the right time for successful project delivery.

Our Comprehensive Project Management Services Include:

Scope Management

Defining and controlling what is included and excluded from the project scope.

Stakeholders Management

 Engaging and managing stakeholders to ensure project success and alignment with objectives.

Project Planning

 Development of Project Management Plans (PMP) and governance structures to guide project execution.

Planning & Reporting

Continuous monitoring and reporting of project progress against established milestones and objectives.

Project Budgeting and Cost Estimation

 Comprehensive budgeting and estimation services to manage project finances effectively.

Contracts Procurement Management

Managing the procurement process, from vendor selection to contract administration.

Project Quantity Surveying

Accurate measurement and assessment of project quantities and costs.

Change Management

Managing changes to project scope, schedule, and budget to minimize disruptions and maintain project objectives.

Documents Management

Organizing and maintaining project documentation for easy access and reference.

Permits Planning & Support

Facilitating the acquisition of necessary permits and approvals to ensure project compliance.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

Identifying project risks and developing strategies to mitigate their impact on project outcomes.

Comprehensive Project
Management Solutions

Massar’s project management services offer comprehensive supervision, inspection, and commissioning throughout every phase of your construction project. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, or investor, trust Massar to deliver expert project management solutions tailored to your project’s unique needs and challenges.

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