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Payroll Services in Saudi Arabia

Payroll Management in
Saudi Arabia

Efficiently managing payroll in Saudi Arabia demands a comprehensive grasp of local tax regulations, reporting norms, and employment laws. Our payroll solutions offer specialized expertise and support to ensure accurate and compliant payments for your workforce in Saudi Arabia, without fail.

Key Components of Our Payroll Services:

Tax Compliance

Our local experts provide precise guidance on corporate, income, and regional taxes applicable to payroll processing in Saudi Arabia.

Employee Compensation

We assist with social taxes, including pensions, healthcare, and unemployment benefits, ensuring adherence to statutory requirements.

Holiday and Leave Compensation

From holiday pay to vacation entitlements and various types of leave, we handle all compensation aspects accurately.

Other Withholdings

We manage additional withholdings and employer contributions in line with Saudi regulations. With Massar, ensure timely, accurate, and compliant payroll management tailored to the unique requirements of Saudi Arabia.