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Business Sectors in Saudi Arabia

Explore Business Sectors in Saudi Arabia with Massar

As part of the GCC alliance, businesses from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia benefit from equal treatment and incentives. Massar facilitates swift setting up of a GCC company in Saudi Arabia, fostering growth and development opportunities for GCC national companies within the country’s supportive business landscape.

Explore Business Sectors in Saudi Arabia with Massar

Discover Investment Opportunities Across Diverse Business Sectors in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative is driving significant growth and diversification within the kingdom’s economy. By identifying and prioritizing 15 key sectors for investment, the nation is paving the way for robust economic development. Leveraging government initiatives, Saudi Arabia is fostering technology hubs, enhancing infrastructure, and offering incentives to boost competitiveness.


Saudi Arabia's manufacturing sector is experiencing rapid growth, with a 100% expansion in industrial areas spanning 1.62 million square meters. Establishing a manufacturing company aligns with Vision 2030's goal to increase SME contributions to GDP.


Capitalize on Saudi Arabia's booming construction industry driven by investments in world-class infrastructure projects like NEOM and The Red Sea Global. International construction companies are in high demand for their services.

Real Estate

The real estate sector in Saudi Arabia is globally promising, targeting a 70% homeownership rate and 1.2 billion square meters of built-up area by 2030. Demand for 1.5 million housing units presents unlimited opportunities.

Transport and Logistics

Vision 2030 emphasizes the transport and logistics sector, leveraging Saudi's strategic location to distribute goods across the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. The nation captures 12% of global container trade.

Events Organization

Saudi Arabia aims to become a global events hub, with initiatives like the Events Investment Fund (EIF). Major events like the 2030 World Expo and 2034 FIFA World Cup will boost the industry significantly.

Agriculture and Food-Processing

Localization of 85% of food processing by 2030 creates opportunities in Saudi's food market, especially for seafood, dates, and halal products, supported by a robust supply chain ecosystem.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Saudi Arabia boasts the largest consumer market in the Middle East, supported by a stable economy and strong demand. The Ministry of Commerce plans to invest $100 billion in trade infrastructure.


Saudi Arabia is focusing on healthcare and life sciences, with significant budget allocations. The sector is set to expand further under Vision 2030.


Vision 2030 emphasizes a knowledge economy, driving demand for quality educational and research institutions.

Mining and Metals

Saudi's mineral resources present substantial untapped potential, contributing to economic growth and diversification.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism in Saudi Arabia is rapidly growing, attracting millions of tourists and generating substantial revenue.

Automotive Services

The automotive repair industry offers lucrative opportunities within Saudi Arabia's innovative and sustainable economy.

Financial and Insurance Activities

The financial sector is poised for substantial growth, meeting rising credit demand and enhancing MSME financing.

Electricity & Gas Supply

Energy demand in Saudi Arabia is increasing, driving opportunities for sustainable energy solutions.

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Saudi Arabia is experiencing rapid growth in technology, renewable energy, healthcare, and tourism sectors. These align with Vision 2030's goal to strengthen Saudi Arabia's non-oil economy.

The trade sector in Saudi Arabia encompasses key industries such as oil, manufacturing, and import/export, contributing significantly to the country's economic resilience.

Saudi Arabia presents diverse investment opportunities in technology, healthcare, and renewable energy sectors. Massar can assist you in selecting the ideal business venture aligned with your goals.

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