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Massar, a premier provider of HR consulting services in Saudi Arabia, is dedicated to enhancing human resources management to drive business success. Recognizing the pivotal role of HR in payroll management, talent acquisition, and compliance, we deliver tailored HR solutions designed to empower organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations.

Our commitment is to provide customized, professional HR services in Saudi Arabia that cater specifically to the unique needs of SMEs and growing businesses. Massar’s outsourced HR solutions are renowned for their efficacy, offering a team of motivated and knowledgeable HR consultants to assist with essential information, skill development, and compliance.

Comprehensive HR Services in
Saudi Arabia

Collaborate with Massar for unparalleled expertise in HR management, spanning recruitment, talent management, and compliance across Saudi Arabia. Our highly qualified HR consultants ensure that your HR operations are compliant and optimally structured for every aspect of your business.

In addition to fundamental services like payroll management, employee administration, risk management, and compliance, Massar offers specialized HR solutions tailored to your needs:

Recruitment Services

Access top-tier talent from entry-level to executive roles with our comprehensive recruitment solutions.

Performance Management Systems

Align employee goals with strategic objectives to maximize productivity and performance.

Policy Development

Expertise in formulating and implementing HR policies, including compensation and disciplinary procedures.

Statutory Compliance

Guidance on labor laws, record-keeping, and expert consultancy on regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Partnering with Massar HR Consultancy:

Empowering Businesses with Massar’s HR Expertise

Talent Acquisition

Find and hire ideal candidates aligned with your business needs.

Employee Retention

Design attractive benefits packages to reduce staff turnover.

Payroll Processing

Accurate payroll management ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Compliance Assurance

Stay updated with labor laws, ensuring statutory requirements are met.

Employee Satisfaction

Enhance engagement and satisfaction with tailored strategies.

Risk Management

Mitigate risks through comprehensive HR consultancy.

Boosting Productivity

Implement training programs to enhance skills and productivity.

Performance Management

Develop processes aligned with business objectives to motivate employees.

Corporate Culture

Foster a strong culture aligned with your business values.

Recruitment Services Across Industries in Saudi Arabia

We serve diverse sectors including Aviation, Construction, IT, Consulting, Hospitality, Electromechanics, Education, Medicine, Oil and Gas, Marine, Plant Fabrication, and Water Treatment.

Choose Massar for Holistic HR Solutions

Partner with Massar, the leading HR outsourcing company in Saudi Arabia, to propel your business forward with comprehensive HR solutions. 

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